This morning as I was getting ready for the day, I listened to a song which totally brought me back to a time, not oh so long ago, when I sat by the fire with some sweet brothers and sisters in Christ, which led me to consider, yet again, what I hope for them. I had to stop right then, and write.

It was a night like any other, but in it moved a wave of redemption. It began with stagnation, then fear; and then You swept in before any of us could have expected You, reminding us You had been there the whole time. Reminding us You were not finished, and neither were we. Reminding us we needed to depend on You, and our best efforts might need to be brought down from their lofty resting place, destroyed in what seemed like turmoil, only so they could be built again according to Your lovely, purposed, choreographed assembly. A peace, a purpose, an anticipation. A glow came from the fire representing so much of Your presence over us and plan within us. Our simple gathering was still not perfect. You don’t ask us to be. But then, as the music built and our voices and hearts were lifted to You in syncopated rhythm You swept in, and the tone was set. We prayed to You, lifting up brothers and sisters into Your hands of purposed protection, in a symphony of voices. Bind us together for Your plan in us.
Their plans have been brought down. There is seemingly no resting place to be discovered. What began with simplicity seems now only tumultuous confusion. Distracted; afraid; stagnant. But there is a wave whispering within them “Redemption.” It is You. You sweep in. You speak over them. You speak for them. You rest within them. But there are so many voices, so many demands, so many lofty plans. And sometimes Your voice seems only a whisper blocked out by the commotion or even all-too-convenient quiet all around them; an enemy who wants to pull them from Your presence; or their own will. They have begun to forget again who they are, and what You have called them to do. This does not stop You. You call for them, to be driven by Your lovely, purposed, choreographed plans for them. Calling them to rest in Your purposed protection. Reminding them You have been here the whole time. Reminding them You are not finished, and neither are they. They are not perfect. You do not ask them to be. You have redeemed them. You have made them new. You call them to sing a song from their hearts, and join You in the dance. They have accepted the invitation, but are unaware they are already present at the party. They are chilled and don’t see the glow in the fire, representing so much of Your presence over them, and plan within them. But still You whisper, “Redemption.” And You speak their name, the one you have given them from the beginning. The one that calls them daughter, son, redeemed. You have so much for them, far exceeding anything this world, in its best efforts, could offer. This is not the end, but only the beginning… a continuation of the work You began in them long ago and will be faithful to bring to completion. The music is building. Let them respond to You in syncopated rhythm, lift their heads, smile, and echo back, speaking with confidence from their hearts, “Redeemed.”

“Father heal Your world, make all things new / Make all things new” – Gungor (We Will Run)

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